Bring added dimensions into the landscape

One of the most popular and practical ways to enhance a home’s outdoor living space is through landscaping elements like water features, tranquil ponds, water gardens and bubbling fountains, that can covert the bleakest patch of ground into a beautiful and peaceful retreat.

Just like natural pools, ponds are a great way to attract wildlife such as birds, insects and amphibians to the landscape.

Waterbrothers has been using EPDM to create such retreats for close to a decade, with no come-backs or repairs needing to be done to the membrane.

Transform unused space into beautiful property showpiece. Fact, Landscape properties have a higher resell value

We offer turnkey solutions for all types of water features including residential, commercial and industrial industries.

Why choose Carlisle EPDM for Ponds & Water Features?


Carlisle’s fish-friendly EPDM membrane is specifically designed to resist the growth of microbes and algae, as well as harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures. With enhanced resistance to ozone and UV exposure, Carlisle EPDM provides long-lasting performance and aesthetic appeal.


Carlisle SynTec Systems strives to provide high-performance, environmentally conscious products, which is why EPDM liners are safe for most fish and plant life, so homeowners and architects can rest assured that their ponds and other landscape features will not be detrimental to their properties or the environment.


Because of their flexibility, EPDM liners can be moulded to almost any size and shape, allowing them to be used in even the most creative water features.


Because EPDM is a rubber membrane it requires virtually no maintenance once it has been installed. If a puncture occurs, the liner can be repaired on-site, easily and cost-effectively, using one of Carlisle’s pressure sensitive accessories.

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