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Environmental Benefits of Carlisle EPDM

  • One of the best ways to conserve natural resources is to use building materials with long life expectancy.
  • Cradle-to-grave, Carlisle EPDM has the lowest global warming potential, acid rain impact and smog impact when compared to other commercial membranes.
  • With its industry-leading UV weathering resistance, Carlisle EPDM membranes simply have the longest service life out of all the waterproofing products on the market.
  • With 50+ years of testing in the field and a life expectancy of 100 + years there is no other product that can compete.
  • Carlisle EPDM is simple, quick and safe to install, as there are no flames needed or harmful chemicals being sprayed into the atmosphere.
  • Carlisle’s 20 and 30-year product guarantee is unmatched in the waterproofing industry.
  • The single-ply membrane is easily recyclable and current Carlisle EPDM formulations contain up to 5% recycled material.
  • Carlisle EPDM 465% elongation gives its superior hail resistance as proven in numerous real-world tests.

High-speed hail impact test

In this test we fire a solid ball of ice about the size of a baseball, at high speed, on to piece of Carlisle 1.14mm EPDM to demonstrate its strength in a worst case scenario.

Carlisle’s rich tradition of innovation

In the 1960s, Carlisle transformed the commercial roofing industry. Since that time, the Carlisle name has been synonymous with innovation. This video explores Carlisle’s rich tradition of innovation.

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