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Roof gardens are a great alternative or addition to conventional gardening.

Not only are they architecturally appealing but they can also be used to grow food or for recreational purposes. They help with climate control within a building as well as create a habitat for wildlife.

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Transform Your Home Or Business With Rooftop gardens

Humans have been making use of roof gardens for thousands of years.

The main purpose was for insulation and then as time went on they were used for food production and in some cases, domestic animals were kept on the roof as it provided warmth in the winter.

Today use of roof gardens is extremely important in urban areas and cities as they don’t only beautify the space but reduce the heat island effect, as well as greatly reducing stormwater runoff.


Waterbrothers employs the best technical knowledge to be able to create a roof garden just about anywhere. From specialised engineered lightweight soil to the Carlisle EPDM waterproofing and correct drainage material.

Our plant specialists will specify the correct plants for the specific area or region where the roof garden is being built.

Waterproof Rooftop Garden Systems


Rooftop Gardens provide building owners and architects with several options. Not only do they add an aesthetic element to the building but they can also eliminate dead space. New entertainment areas or private secluded gardens can easily be created.

Benefits Of A Rooftop Garden

  • Better insulation properties

  • Sound insulation

  • Reduces urban heat-island effect

  • Aids in storm water management

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Greatly extends roof life expectancy

  • Low maintenance

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EPDM Rooftop Garden Assembly

  • EPDM single – ply membrane

  • Cavidrain

  • Flexidrain

  • Geotextile

  • Stone drainage layer (Optional)

  • Growth medium

  • Air and water purification

  • Plant mass

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