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Natural swimming pools are beautiful, easy to look after and the create a wonderful oasis for your home or business.


These fantastic pools are stunning all year round and attract all sorts of wildlife to your garden. The water is filtered and cleaned naturally, which provides a truly amazing swimming experience.

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A swimming zone, similar to a normal pool. And a regeneration zone which acts as the filter for the pool. The regeneration zone cleans the water as a wetland would in nature. These wetland areas can be created inside the pool which gives the feel of a single body of water, or they can be built in a separate part of the landscape, allowing the water to flow back into the pool.

Chemical-Free Pool


The aquatic plants you use have roots that quite literally clean the water for you, and filter out contaminants and harmful bacteria, which eliminates the need for chlorine. Pumps keep the water circulating and UV filters or bio-filters remove additional undesirables, while skimmers can get rid of floating debris. Perhaps even better? You don’t have to keep tabs on chlorine levels or balance the pH.

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Benefits of an EPDM Natural Pool

  • Waterbrothers uses the latest technology to mimic nature and to keep the natural pool as eco-friendly as possible.The single-ply EPDM is used for the waterproofing of the pool which gives it a life expectancy that will outlast a conventional pool.

  • Running costs of a natural pool are far less than a conventional pool.

  • Waterbrothers uses low energy, whisper-quiet pumps for the day-to-day running of the pool.

  • Solar power can be installed to run the pool as the pumps use very little energy.

  • The health benefits are huge, as no chemicals are needed whatsoever.

  • Natural swimming pools are self cleaning and require very little maintenance.

  • They are a haven for wildlife and attract many species of birds, insects and amphibians to a property.

  • The beauty and tranquility of a water garden brings a new dimension to the landscape. Natural swimming pools have a positive impact on the environment as a whole.

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